Find Your Inner Detective at an Escape Room in Lincoln

Do you want to put your sleuthing skills to the test?

If so, head to one of these escape rooms near our Downtown Lincoln apartments where you will need to find hidden clues and solve challenging puzzles to complete a real-life adventure game:


When friends Abby and Anh visited Scotland, they found themselves locked in a room sorting through clues and codes. Nearly an hour later, they finished their first escape game. The girls couldn't stop thinking about the fun, and once home in Nebraska, Escape Lincoln was born. Abby and Anh are passionate about crafting games with intricate puzzles. They are always creating new themes, and over 5,000 participants have attempted to escape nine different room designs.

Those new to escape rooms will want to start with Poe Nevermore. The year is 1849, and famed writer Edgar Allan Poe just passed away. Known for your swindling skills, you have been hired to obtain Poe's final manuscript from his eerie estate. Can you find it before the clock runs out? This room has a sixty percent success rate.


Junkyard is the Midwest's number one destination for adventure and puzzle lovers. The interactive games create a thrilling sixty-minute experience, and they test everyone's problem-solving skills.

Try Trophy Hunter. You and your friends are part of the university campus police force. You have received word about a robbery at Memorandum Stadium. Thieves are trying to steal the prized trophy, and your job is to stop them. There's only one way to escape. Can you retrieve the trophy before time runs out?

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